Optimized for web and mobile.

VitaCheckout is a progressive web application, built seamlessly for modern medicines.

Text/email update: receive push notification, refill reminder and live statuses update.

e-Fax/e-Prescription: locate local pharmacies and transfer prescriptions electronically.

HIPAA compliant

Platform designed to meet the industry standard.

VitaCheckout enables shared medication profile with doctor, pharmacist, and patients.

That's not all. Messages and Protected Health Information (PHI) are ecrypted during transit and at rest.

Pharmacy Fullfillment Dashboard

All you need to run your business at one place.

Inventory: setup your own pharmacy inventory for prescribed and OTC products

Orders: achive orders and easy re-ordering

Shipping: choose your own independent or commercial (FedEx, UPS, USPS) courier with provided template

Sales report: data visualization

Patient management: manage your group of patients' purchases

Communication system

Medical consult with QUICKOM

We are partnered with Beowulf QUICKOM to provide advanced two-way interactive video conferencing on a decentralized network

Most convient access to triad-collaboration between patients, doctors and pharmacists

One simple click or scan on QR code to join a consultation with your physician


We vow to assist you with technical problems

We have worked with big names. With a couple training rounds you will be ready to start your business. No need to worry about hosting your software.


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