Virtual Order Verification

VitaCheckout provides solutions to the review and approval of prescription orders through online virtual order verification (VOV) program. Staffed by clinical and board certified pharmacists, our mission is to remove the daunting task of prescription order verification from hospital pharmacists’ schedule, saving the important hours for other clinical activities. Allow 24/7 access and indefinite flexibility for your internal staff of large and small healthcare systems, and ambulatory pharmacies, as well as retail and specialty environments. Assist you every step of the way to drive your operations at the highest performance.

Here are the benefits that you can achieve with virtual order verification

Continuity of Care
  • What's more important than being there for your patients at all time?

  • VitaCheckout integrates redundency in pharmacy services to ensure continuity of care for your patients, coverage during unexpected events and during technology convergence.

Operational Advantage
  • 24/7 lean staffing for pharmacy program.

  • Potential scale to hybrid model to cross train between subspecialties.

  • Expansion of clinical pharmacist role to increase patient care activities.

Human Resources Reduction
  • Reduction of human resources associated costs such as recruitment, training, and benefits.

  • Fill gaps to replace sick or extended vacations.